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EU Could Further Ease Travel Restrictions for the Vaccinated

Europe is looking to make travel easier for those who are vaccinated.

European Union countries are working to agree on how to ease pandemic travel restrictions within and into the bloc as vaccination levels increase, according to Bloomberg.


The report noted that the EU could scrap its traffic light system and allow vaccinated travelers to travel freely using a digital Covid passport.

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The EU digital Covid allows travelers to cross borders without having to take tests or quarantine and shows if a person has been fully vaccinated or has recovered from Covid-19.

“Given the very sizable impact on the exercise of free movement, persons traveling within the EU should in principle no longer be required to quarantine save for very exceptional situations (e.g. new variants of concern),” the European Commission proposal says.

There is a secondary proposal that refines the data used to produce the traffic light ratings and would encourage the implementation of more standardized rules for handling travelers in each zone.

The proposal also preserves the use of the “emergency brake” if new variants emerge.

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