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Gas Prices Falling Ahead of Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Period

As travelers prepare for the busy Thanksgiving travel period, the national average for a gallon of gasoline dropped 11 cents in the past week to $3.66.

According to AAA, an increase in supply and fewer drivers fueling up for the November holiday have pushed gas prices lower, with demand expected to remain low throughout Thanksgiving week.


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The national average of $3.66 per gallon is 16 cents less than a month ago and 26 cents more than a year ago. While the prices are lower compared to earlier this year, this week will see the highest Thanksgiving national average price since AAA started keeping records in 2000.

The nation’s top 10 largest weekly decreases include Wisconsin (23 cents), Michigan (23 cents), Indiana (19 cents), California (18 cents), Ohio (17 cents), Illinois (16 cents), Delaware (16 cents), Oregon (16 cents), Washington (13 cents) and Nevada (13 cents).

As for the least expensive markets, the nation’s top 10 list includes Texas ($2.99), Georgia ($3.10), Mississippi ($3.12), Arkansas ($3.13), Louisiana ($3.17), Oklahoma ($3.18), Tennessee ($3.20), Alabama ($3.22), South Carolina ($3.22) and Missouri ($3.24).

“The national average has fallen sharply since the June peak of nearly $5.02,” AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross said. “But this Thanksgiving will be about 20 cents higher than a year ago, and a dollar more per gallon than a pre-pandemic 2019. However, we can be thankful that gas prices are moving in the right direction for now.”

Earlier this month, AAA released its official Thanksgiving predictions, saying that 54.6 million people are expected to visit friends and family during the Thanksgiving holiday travel period, which is defined as the five-day period from November 23 to November 27.

A survey from found that frustration with weather delays, skyrocketing ticket prices and schedule disruptions associated with commercial airline travel have forced more people to drive than fly during the Thanksgiving holiday travel period.

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