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‘He saved our lives’: Passengers praise man for stepping out onto plane wing

In a recent incident at Mexico City International Airport, a man garnered attention by taking an unconventional step: opening a plane’s emergency exit and stepping out onto the wing.

The airport authorities confirmed the event, saying the passenger took this unusual step while the plane was parked and waiting for take-off. Although the airport handed him over to the police, it turns out he might not have been in the wrong.

Reports indicate that the delay led to frustration among passengers, as they endured four hours without ventilation or water. In a show of support for the man’s actions, numerous passengers signed a statement stating that he acted “to protect everyone”.

Further clarification from the airport described the incident in detail: a passenger on a flight to Guatemala opened an emergency door while the aircraft was at a remote position, stepped onto the wing and then returned to the cabin, with no harm done to the aircraft or anyone else.

The individual complied with international security regulations by surrendering to the authorities.

A total of 77 passengers on the AeroMexico flight to Guatemala signed a handwritten statement, expressing gratitude for the man’s actions.

Their statement noted the adverse conditions caused by the delay and lack of ventilation, suggesting that the man’s actions ultimately saved lives.

According to an incident report filed with airport authorities, the details largely aligned with the provided account. The report highlighted a disturbance on flight AM672 at about 11.37am stemming from passenger dissatisfaction.

The flight’s original schedule for 8.45am was disrupted due to maintenance, prompting one passenger to open the emergency door and step onto the wing, resulting in the need for a change of aircraft.

Despite the incident, the man responsible remains unidentified by airport authorities. They have refrained from disclosing whether he remains in custody or if charges against him have been dropped.

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