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Hilton Launches ‘It Matters Where You Stay’ Campaign

Hilton has launched its first global brand platform showcasing the importance of the hotel stay, called “Hilton. For the Stay,” launching a campaign called “It Matters Where You Stay” to help introduce the new platform.

The campaign launches July 25 across the U.S. via TV outlets and later across other platforms, including social media. Other regions of the world, such as the U.K., will also be targeted in the campaign. Paris Hilton is a special guest for the campaign, while actor Catherine O’Hara provides voiceovers.

The campaign focuses on unique features of the hotel stay with Hilton, from pet-friendly travel options to the benefits of the Hilton Honors app and unique features, like Confirmed Connecting Rooms by Hilton.

“With ‘Hilton. For the Stay,’ we are more fully connecting our external customer marketing to our purpose – staking our rightful claim that Hilton owns the Stay,” said Mark Weinstein, Hilton’s chief marketing officer. “The idea of the Stay was incredibly natural to Hilton, and yet no one else was talking about it. As others tout the generic virtues of travel, minimize the role of the hotel and the hotel team members, and romanticize the destination, through our platform and the campaign it inspires, we’re reminding travelers that ‘It Matters Where You Stay’ and boldly affirming ‘Hilton. For the Stay.’”

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