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Italy To Ease Pandemic Restrictions on Mask-Wearing

Travelers heading to Italy after April 30 can enjoy less pandemic-related mask-wearing measures than before.

A new announcement made by Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza on Thursday, March 17 brought an end to several workplace and school pandemic measures for residents as well, according to ABC News.


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Reopening from COVID-19

On March 1, Italy eased entry restrictions for international travelers, allowing those who are vaccinated to enter without any testing regime and unvaccinated travelers entry provided they show proof of a recent negative test.

The new rules coming April 30 now ease the mask mandate currently in place in theaters, nightclubs, pools, gyms, restaurants and workplaces. Additionally, capacity limits on venues such as concert venues and stadiums will end too.

Italy is reporting a 90 percent fully vaccinated population for everyone over the age of twelve, which has contributed to lower numbers of positive cases in recent months. The cases have been rising this week, though, due to the suspected BA.2 Omicron variant. On March 17 alone, over 61,000 individuals had tested positive, the highest since February 15, according to Our World in Data.

For more information on current entry requirements to Italy and the rest of the world, check out our interactive guide:

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