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La Casa de La Playa’s Next-Level Commitment to Gastronomy

The culinary experience at La Casa de La Playa encompasses everything from elevated comfort food to full-blown, 11-course fine dining.

The plating alone will have you wondering if you’re about to bite into a work of art or an appetizer (spoiler alert: the answer is both).


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The property has no shortage of celebrity chefs, from Martha Ortiz at Tuch de Luna and Virgilio Martínez at Estero to the Rivera-Río brothers at Centli and Lumbre.

A standout experience for hotel guests is the lunch menu at Estero. The lobster and grouper ceviche was certainly a crowd favorite.

Will Medina of Destination Weddings Expert was in awe of the culinary focus at La Casa. Said Medina, “It’s delicious. I mean, the freshness, the celebration of the Mexican food and culture at this property is present in everything but especially in the food.”

In the same meal, you can also try a truly unique hearts of palm hummus, topped with fresh roasted vegetables and chili oil, with mini popovers hot from the oven for dipping.

If you still have room, how about a perfectly cooked cheeseburger and fries, or a whole lobster with quinoa salad, even sea bass with roasted vegetables?

“The food has been outstanding,” said Ronda Helton, The Travel Connection Group. “I was speaking to somebody earlier today talking about how in Mexico the food game has changed drastically over even just the last five years. We are seeing more and more EP products kind of changing some things, but with this one, this is truly like five-star dining. It’s very customized, it’s just absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to send all my foodie clients here.”

Guests can also start their mornings with a stunning breakfast at Tuch de Luna, accompanied by a fresh coffee and a stunning view of the Caribbean.

The pastry selection alone is enough to satisfy any morning cravings, but a must-order dish is the chilaquiles or the simply beautiful fruit and yogurt bowl. And if you’re in the mood to really go all out, each restaurant has the option of a multi-course dinner sure to wow any guest.

Debra Brown, SB World Luxe Travel, considered the food at La Casa de La Playa a cut above the other all-inclusive properties she’s visited. “This food experience, and I’ve experienced quite a bit of it, is elevated. You can imagine Iron Chef level, the creativity, the different takes on familiar ingredients and familiar comfort food, it’s taken to a completely different level. It’s hard to believe that it’s an all-inclusive because you don’t get this level of dining experience and quality in all-inclusives or anywhere in the world actually. This is world-class.”

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