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Med Students Help During Mid-Flight Medical Emergency

Two med students from Louisiana State University (LSU) provided medical attention to a fellow passenger in distress on a flight to Greece.

According to a Facebook post from LSU’s Health Sciences Center, Heather Duplessis and Lauren Bagneris were in the middle of their journey to Greece when the flight crew called out to passengers looking for medical professionals.


After no doctors or nurses responded to the call, Duplessis and Bagneris volunteered their services and began assisting a female passenger who became light-headed and fell due to “low blood sugar and being overheated.”

The LSU med students communicated with a doctor on the ground and provided important information about the passenger’s vital signs, including taking blood pressure, pulse and blood sugar readings.

Duplessis and Bagneris also kept the woman calm, got her to ingest juice and food and cooled her off.

The university said, “the patient ended up feeling much better thanks to these two talented doctors in the making and their LSU medical education. Way to Geaux Tigers! You do us proud!”

Mid-flight medical emergencies are not an uncommon occurrence, as a woman successfully gave birth to a baby boy last month during a flight to Hawaii thanks to the help of several doctors and nurses who were also passengers on the plane.

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