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Psychedelic Meets Fine Dining at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ New Restaurant

You’ve heard of Italian restaurants.

You’ve heard of American restaurants.


You’ve even heard of Italian-American restaurants.

How about Italian-American-Psychedelic?

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, in conjunction with entertainment giant Spiegelworld, is premiering a new concept restaurant called Superfrico on Sept. 24.

The cuisine, created by Chef and International Pizza Czar Anthony Falco, pays tribute to Falco’s Sicilian heritage by taking a treasure trove of family heirloom recipes mixed with unexpected flavors and techniques.

“The menu mirrors the overall Superfrico experience,” says Falco. “We’re here to blow minds, to transport guests to places they’ve never been, using flavors inspired by my Sicilian heritage and reinterpreted through a global consciousness. The menu honors the origins of dishes and ingredients long associated with Italian cuisine, moving back and forth through time and space on waves of flavor, nostalgia, and sense memory.”

The cuisine has been christened Italian American Psychedelic.

“Some will hear that term, ‘psychedelic,’ and expect sparklers, gels, foam, and edible paper, when it’s really more about breaking down dogma,” Falco said. “The actual ingredients, if not the techniques, are alarmingly simple but will still blow guests’ minds. There will be delicious, beautifully-plated classic dishes, yes, but as far as culinary fireworks go, we’re infinitely more focused on creating an all-encompassing sensory experience than superficial flash.”

In addition to his signature pizza perfection – including both round Neapolitan-style and perfectly square personal pizzas with crisp, cheesy edges – the menu Chef Falco has developed features a mind-altering, multi-sensory melting pot of aromas, tastes and textures from appetizers to desserts.

The Mortadella Pizza is a blend of Northern and Southern Italian flavors, pairing silky-textured sliced pork with house-made stracciatella and Turkish pistachio powder atop an airy crust with a satisfying crunch.

The Chicken Parmesan, marinated in yuzu-based ponzu sauce and coated with a mixture of Japanese panko and house-made sourdough breadcrumbs, transcends the traditional with a delectable umami and tomato flavor profile.

Even the most Las Vegas of dishes on the menu — the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, a massive, 48-ounce Creekstone tomahawk wet-aged in Shio Koji, the fermented marinade used to make miso, soy sauce and sake — employs international flavors and technique to stunning effect.

Award-winning Executive Chef Mitch Emge brings more than a decade of industry expertise, ensuring Superfrico’s highly-anticipated culinary program remains flawless from plate to palate.

A refreshing drink at Superfrico
A refreshing drink at Superfrico. (photo via The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas / Anthony Mair)

Topping off the talent list is James Beard Award-winner Leo Robitschek, who will bring unique and unexpected flavors to the restaurant’s drinkable options as beverage consultant and ‘Principal Pourer.’

“Each and every cocktail has its own psychedelic edge,” says Robitschek. “My goal in crafting this menu was to open people’s minds, to get them to more fully experience their senses; to experience, taste, see, and feel something they might not normally experience, taste, see, or feel.”

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