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Survey highlights US travellers’ steamy rendezvous

By Clinton Moodley Jul 20, 2021

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People are having copious amounts of sex on holiday, with some ditching the hotel for some steamy romps in places you may never think they would at a new destination.

The Vacationer’s Sex Travel 2021 Survey takes a closer look at American travellers and their sexcapades during their travels.

The survey participants delve into whether holiday sex was better than at home, their sex standards, one-night stands and who was getting down and dirty on public transport like buses, trains, planes and even on rideshare.

The Vacationer surveyed 500 American adults over the age of 18 in June 2021. According to the survey, around 29% experienced a one-night stand on vacation, with 17.80% having done it more than once. Nearly 23% stated they had sex on public transport while on holiday, with some enjoying it in multiple modes of transport.

Around 11.60% said they have had sex on a plane, 8% on a bus, 9.20% on a train or subway and 6.20% on either a ferry, passenger ship or water taxi.

Around 37% said sex was better on vacation than at home,36.60% said it is the same, and 26.40% said it is better at home.

About 28% admitted that their standards for sex were different during their travels, 11.40% said their standards were higher and 16.20% were more relaxed.

Over 36% of American adults said they did not have more sex on holiday than at home.

“Intuitively, we might think people would have more sex on vacation. However, when we take into account singles and those travelling with kids, family and friends it makes sense,” the survey explained.

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