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Switzerland to Lift All Pandemic-Related Travel Restrictions May 2

Beginning May 2, 2022, Switzerland will once again welcome all travelers as it lifts its pandemic-related travel restrictions and requirements.

The announcement was made by Switzerland’s State Secretariat of Migration (SEM), leaving only pre-pandemic-related travel entry rules in place.


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Reopening from COVID-19

The new ruling will also allow international travelers from all countries; under the current pandemic protocols, travelers from select “third countries,” or countries that are located outside of the EU or Schengen zones, were not able to enter Switzerland.

“Switzerland tops the wish list of avid travelers across the world who have been waiting to visit the country these past two years without being burdened by paperwork. Now, they can! We look forward to hosting Indian travelers from May 2 onwards and can’t wait for them to come and enjoy the wonder that is Switzerland,” said Ritu Sharma – Deputy Director and Marketing Head for Switzerland Tourism – India.

Switzerland’s new rules follow many other European countries lately; high COVID-19 vaccination rates and the need for tourism’s impact on local economies are considered the main drivers for the doing-away of many of Europe’s pandemic protocols.

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