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This airline will charge extra for carrying hand luggage and putting it in the lockers of the plane

This airline will charge extra for carrying hand luggage and putting it in the lockers of the plane

Virtually all airlines allow you to carry a suitcase of certain measurements and weight as hand luggage at no extra cost. Now, the British low-cost line EasyJet has changed its policies and will charge a higher rate to passengers who want to use the compartments located above the seats.

The airline announced that the measure will take effect as of February 10. From that date, travelers who do not want to pay for a more expensive ticket will be limited to carrying only one small carry-on bag under their seat. The company said the change would help improve flight punctuality, BBC News reported.

EasyJet’s new luggage policy raised controversy on social media. Some customers approve of the change, saying it would “free up storage space,” but many more were critical.

“A terrible move by EasyJet. Like Ryanair, [they are] monetizing every opportunity in a race to the bottom. There will be other low-cost airlines that will not follow suit, ”wrote one Twitter user.

An Internet user reported that the conditions of his flight changed, although he bought it before the measure was announced. “I imagine there is a small letter in the terms that allows you to do it, but it is not right, right?”, He shared in a tweet affected.

This is how the change affects EasyJet passengers
Currently, all customers can fly with a carry-on bag up to 56 x 45 x 25 cm , allowing them to store small wheeled bags in the top lockers.

Under the new rules, carrying a suitcase of that size as carry-on will cost extra. Prices range from 7.99 pounds (almost 215 Mexican pesos) more expensive than a standard fare, up to 29.99 pounds (about 800 pesos) on longer flights.

Those who purchase a more expensive Flexi fare or are members of the airline’s frequent flyer program will be able to bring one small and one large piece of carry-on luggage, subject to space on board.

EasyJet customers with an existing reservation for travel on or after February 10 who do not wish to pay more will be able to check in a larger piece of carry-on baggage in the aircraft hold at no charge.

Airlines have been hit hard by travel restrictions during the coronavirus crisis and are looking for ways to cut costs. In November, EasyJet reported losses of 1.27 billion pounds (almost 34 billion pesos) from January to September 2020, as revenues fell by less than half. It is the first time the airline has recorded annual losses in its 25-year history.

EasyJet expects to fly at just 20% of its normal capacity next year. A spokesperson said the change in baggage policies had been under consideration since before the pandemic.


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