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US Travel Association Launches Spanish, Portuguese Visa Delay Websites

The U.S. Travel Association’s website now offers Spanish and Portuguese-language versions of in an effort to increase exposure to the damages of extra-long visitor visa wait times to visit the United States and put pressure upon the U.S. government to solve these delays.


U.S. Travel is also using the phrase ‘They Wait, We Lose’ as their moniker for their campaign to solve the excessive traveler visa wait times. The website asks travelers and U.S. businesses impacted by this problem to share their stories.

“With the launch of these new multilingual websites, we aim to give a voice to potential visitors who are waiting hundreds of days just to get an interview to visit the U.S.,” said U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Geoff Freeman. “We cannot afford to turn these visitors away, but they will simply choose other destinations unless the Biden administration commits itself to reducing visitor visa wait times.”

The organization estimates that the excessive visitor visa wait times, largest for travelers in countries like Brazil, Mexico and India, will deter 7 million visitors and $12 billion in projected spending in 2023.

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