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WATCH: South African digital creator shares experience of being stuck in Gabon during a ‘coup’

Popi Sibiya has been to Namibia, Congo, Angola and now she’s stuck in Gabon during a ‘coup d’état’.

The local travel content creator set out on a journey to travel Africa by road.

What’s shocking for many South Africans glued to Sibiya’s travel vlogs, shared on TikTok and Instagram, is her calm demeanour during this situation.

In a recent video posted by the creator on The Popi Show, she revealed that she is stuck in Gabon and would like to get out.

“It’s election day in Gabon and guess what? All the shops and restaurants are closed and so are the borders,” said Sibiya.

According to Sibiya, the country was shutdown as a precautionary measure and out of fears that there might be some unrest.

She added: “But, people say that the unrest usually happens when the results are announced. – Allegedly.”

She revealed that due to the political uncertainty, she’s hoping to leave the country before the results are announced, however, that didn’t happen.

On August 27, she woke up early in the morning and headed towards the country’s border with Cameron, Bitam Border Post, as the border was supposed to open at midnight.

However, the border, which had been closed since the Friday, August 25, hadn’t been opened.

The travel vloger also revealed that the country’s internet had been shutdown for four days since the government “didn’t want anyone having outbursts online”.

Commenting on Sibiya’s predicament, Zintathu Mazamane, said: “I’m seriously concerned bout your safety Pops and if you’ll make it out in one peace there. But sana, I can’t think staright after uguy. U-hot nyani.”

Sthembiso Mabanga also commented: “Popi, you give me anxiety. Are you safe?”

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