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LIFT Airlines hosts silent disco on board flights

Have you ever experienced a silent disco party? While it might initially come across as a bit unusual, the point is to have a jol.

LIFT Airlines recently pleasantly surprised its passengers in a memorable way. On October 16, travellers departing from both Cape Town and Johannesburg were in for an unexpected treat.

LIFT Airlines went as far as to showcase local South African talent by organising a silent disco on board two of its flights. Freshlyground’s lead singer, Zolani Mahola, took the stage, blessing passengers high above the clouds.

Passengers on these LIFT flights were treated to an unforgettable experience, where the sky above became the stage for a silent disco dance-off.

Videos circulating on social media platforms depict passengers thoroughly enjoying themselves as they were handed headphones to tune in while Mahola delivered a captivating performance.

LIFT Airlines’ commitment to uplifting South Africa was evident in this unique initiative. The airline’s CEO, Jonathan Ayache, shared the airline’s mission, emphasising their dedication to supporting the artistic community and local businesses.

“We’re on a mission to uplift South Africa, especially within the artistic community; the support of both local businesses and talent is important to us.

“By creating platforms for local talent to shine, we hope to bring a little upliftment to South Africans at the same time,” Ayache said, as per Cape Town Etc.

“It’s baaaaack 😮🎧🎙️

“Yesterday, we took to the skies for our second LIFT silent disco. And our *very* special guest performer?

“None other than the creator and singer behind our official LIFT anthem – Zolani Mahola ‘The One Who Sings’.

“Our travellers got to enjoy a surprise set, silent disco style, at 36 000 ft – featuring a live performance of LIFT Me Higher. (We can’t believe how many of you know all the lyrics?!)

“So, who shall we bring on next? 👀”

Who knows? It could become a trend. Not only can silent discos in planes offer a platform for artistic collaborations, promoting local and international artists, but it’s also versatile and can cater to a wide range of passenger preferences.

Passengers can choose to participate or simply enjoy the spectacle, making it an inclusive activity.

“At this point taking LIFT is not just about a flight, it’s about a lifestyle,” commented one.

“LIFT is going places! It’s a vibe and we are here for it,” wrote another.

So, the next time you’re on a LIFT Airlines flight, you might just find yourself dancing at 36 000 feet.

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