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The 7 stages of family travel

Clinton Moodley looks at several options, from babymoons to multigenerational travel.


Parents take babymoons a few months before they welcome their new child into the world. Babymoons are a great way for couples to enjoy time by themselves and discover new destinations before their baby arrives. Parents can enjoy babymoons before the birth of any of their children.

Travelling with toddlers

A child’s first few months or years can take a toll on parents, from late nights, little or no sleep and no social life. Most parents book holidays with their young children to destinations that offer family-friendly activities and where they can put their feet up. Ease your toddler into travelling with a day or overnight trip close to home. That way, you can assess what they like and dislike.

Travelling with teens

Most families plan holidays with their teenage children before they move out or start university. Trips like these strengthen the family bond and help the teenagers navigate their way into adulthood. Teenagers usually choose the location and plan the activities while the parents foot the bill.

Sibling travel

As siblings get older and start to afford their own travels, many go on sibling holidays away from their partners, children or friends. During the trip, siblings rekindle bonds, partake in childhood activities and make new travel memories to share with their families.

Travelling with your kids and their partners

This form of travel is the ideal way to forge a relationship between parents and their children’s partners. If you want to prevent the trip from turning into a complete disaster, perhaps create an itinerary that offers free time for everyone.

Travel with the grandparents

Once grandparents have retired and have a few rands to spare, they usually spoil their grandchildren to a holiday. Most times, no parents are allowed. These trips are more spontaneous and a fun way to make memories with the grandparents.

Multigenerational travel

Multigenerational travel is a trip taken by three or more generations of a family. Most families book private villas or spacious self-catering accommodation for a few days to reconnect with their loved ones.

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