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The Best Craft Beer Happy Hour In Miami Is In Wynwood

The Wynwood neighborhood in Miami is known for its bohemian roots, eclectic crowds, colorful murals, and vibrant art scene.

But if you need another reason to go, there’s a heck of a craft beer deal brewing there, too.

There are many respectable craft beer deals in Miami, but none quite as sweet as Veza Sur Brewery, a Latin American-style pub on 25th Street. It has multiple happy hours per week that offer up most of its beers for an eye-popping $3 a pint, and the specials run at agreeable and accessible times (any happy hour that ends before you get out of work should not be considered a happy hour).

Here’s what Veza Sur offers:

  • Tuesday: 7 p.m. – close, all beers $3 (with the exception of barrel-aged beers), $7 32-ounce to-go crowlers
  • Thursday: 7 p.m. – close with $3 beers (ladies only, see below), $7 32-ounce to-go crowlers
  • Friday: 4 p.m. – 7 p.m., $3 beer and half off select food items, $7 32-ounce to-go crowlers
  • Sunday: all day bottomless Micheladas, $15

You can’t beat a happy hour on a Friday that actually extends past working hours, and you really can’t beat one that offers a full list of high-quality craft beers for $3 a pint and 32-ounces to go for $7.

The accessible nature of Veza Sur’s happy hour aligns with its overall mission. Started in 2017 and funded by Anheuser-Busch, Co-Founder Max-Antonio Burger said one of the main goals of the brewery, which combines Latin American and North American beer cultures, is to open up craft beer to new segments of the American population.

“In Latin America, everyone drinks beer – old and young, men and women,” Burger said. “In the U.S., it’s always a bit more on the male side. It has that connotation, driven by marketing in the past.”

Veza Sur’s lineup aims to make its beer more approachable for Miami’s mix of cultures by toning down the big, bitter flavors and high alcohol contents that have dominated American craft beer trends. Though the menu does feature barrel-aged beers and other high-alcohol pours, it is noticeably littered with easy-drinking beers.

For example, it offers a Brazilian-style lager called a chopp, served ice cold with a thick foam. It has dialed down the hops in many of its IPAs, and it has a variety of fruit and sour beers, which have shown to be popular in recent years with people who don’t drink beer. There are also beer cocktails on the menu, and of course, the ever-popular and crowd-pleasing Micheladas. The ladies-only happy hour is another attempt to overturn the stereotypes associated with beer in America.

“Our beers and brewery represent all the cultures that come together in Miami,” Burger said.

While in Wynwood, be sure to check out the neighborhood’s three other craft breweries: Wynwood Brewing, J Wakefield Brewing, and Concrete Beach Brewing.

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