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Travel Experts Predicting Banner Year for Industry

Host agency Travel Experts released a new forecast for 2023 that says next year will be a banner year for the industry.

After setting records in several travel industry categories in 2022—including land bookings and air travel sales—Travel Experts believes the luxury and affluent markets will be the key to success in 2023 and beyond.


In terms of the hottest international hotspots, 96 percent of advisors said trips to Italy were the most requested, while Hawaii continues to dominate the domestic destination search process at 94 percent.

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“Our affiliated travel advisors are telling us that more trips are being planned by their clients and at significantly more advanced booking times,” Travel Experts Executive Director Sharon Fake said. “Part of the reason for the surge in advanced booking times is the recent difficulty in getting timely quotes from suppliers as well as the challenges in getting what they wanted at the right price.”

“Pent-up demand continues to push the market and our advisors are riding the wave of calls to help make dream vacations come true,” Fake continued. “We are seeing a new-found appreciation of travel advisors by the public with many more coming to them to book their vacations and not flinching at paying fees to use their services.”

Last month, data from travel technology company Amadeus found that exploring the metaverse, new biometric possibilities, the ability to work from anywhere, traveling light and more business bonding opportunities are all predicted to transform the travel industry in 2023.

“I have yet to experience any low season lull. My earliest 2023 bookings were under deposit by June 2022,” Journeys Afar’s Eileen Anderson said. “Clients overall are thrilled to have regained their travel freedom, taking extended 2022 trips, then immediately planning future trips upon returning.”

Later in November, the Expedia Group unveiled a comprehensive view of traveler trends across the travel industry in 2023. The research showed 32 percent of Americans said they’re more concerned with value than ever before and interest in three-star hotels grew around by 20 percent globally. In 2023, data shows that 40 percent of U.S. travelers plan to stay in 1-3-star hotels and 34 percent plan to book a vacation with added value inclusions, such as free parking or breakfast.

“Multiple clients booked future trips upon return from their Summer/Fall trips,” Anderson continued. “I’ve also gained multiple referrals from existing clients happy with their customized experiences.”

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