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WATCH: Tourist chaffed with her Woolies haul for under R600

TikToker and influencer Claire Dinut who goes by the handle @condimentclaire recently found herself at a Woolworths store while on a trip to South Africa.

Fresh from a safari, the foodie aficionado made her way to her local store when coaxed by a fellow online user to visit Woolies.

In a TikTok video, Dinut took her followers on a walk-through of the store and was amazed to see the various items on display.

Referring to UK retailer M&S, she said, “This is literally just Marks & Spencer.”

While walking around the isles, she reached for a packet of buttermilk rusks and popped it in her basket.

On the lookout for “melon jam or something,” Dinut finally struck gold when coming across a jar of melon preserve.

Baffled by the large varieties on display, she stumbled across the Mrs Balls Chutney and said, “This is what I came to South Africa for.”

Surprisingly, she continued: “This is a staple in my fridge.”

Every item she came across, she put in her basket. When an online user asked how much the haul cost her, she said $32, which amounts to just under R600.

Mzansi TikTokers were impressed by the fact that she got so much bang for her buck.

“You did what we all do – let Woolworths tell you what you need,” joked fellow lifestyle and travel blogger @juanleolife.

“Literally what I said when I first went to London M&S…this is literally Woolies,” concurred @Biza.

Dinut was even blown away when she discovered Australia also has “fancy Woolies”.

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