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Preferred Hotels & Resorts Debuts Donation Program in Tandem With Earth Day

In commemoration of Earth Day on April 22, Preferred Hotels & Resorts unveiled I Prefer Points for Good, enabling travelers to donate their I Prefer Hotel Rewards points to the Ocean Heroes Network, which educates young people on how to advocate for clean and plastic-free oceans.

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On April 14, Preferred Hotels & Resorts introduced Beyond Green, a collection of sustainable lodges.

Starting on April 22 and running through April 30, members will be able to log on to their profiles on to redeem and donate points in $5, $10 and $20 increments, the proceeds of which will go to the Ocean Heroes Network.

“After an eye-opening year of reflection during which people have become hyper-mindful of the world around them, Preferred has prioritized addressing this growing desire to make thoughtful decisions that positively impact the environment,” Preferred Hotels & Resorts said.

“As the world reopens, Earth Day serves as a gentle reminder that taking care of the planet should be a priority for all – and always moving ahead – and Preferred is honored to support the global movement through I Prefer Points for Good.”

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